Advice on Hungarian down comforter
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I live a short train ride away from Hungary. Does that mean I can somehow get a Hungarian Down comforter for cheap? Side question: How does one choose a down comforter?

Question 1: I'm in Vienna, Austria

Question 2: Seems like:
-Closed-baffle-box construction is the way to go.
-High fill power is a good thing.
-Oversized is a maybe not good thing? I don't like feeling like my feet are trapped and unable to go upright (which happens a lot with my oversized, not very awesome comforter), however I also don't like cold air at my feet. (This is a question between king size and oversized king sized, since I figure I'm going to eventually be in a king size instead of queen sized bed and should be purchasing a comforter accordingly)
-Medium fill (~50 oz for King size) is about right for normal usage in non-burning-hot climates and not camping outside?
-Outside of that, I'm out of variables that I know of!
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Huh? Down comforter? A nice fluffy sleeping / covering utility tool? You mean like a down blanket? We call that a "dunya" and they aren't all that easy to find, they tend to be made locally in villages so I doubt they are cheap. We have a lot of geese, but I am not sure about availablity locally. (People tend to depend on turning up their gas heaters to sleep warmly these days.) Email me in a week and I may be able to ask around.
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