That's a good meatball.
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Looking for a good (not too expensive) restaurant for dinner tonight in Little Italy (NYC)
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Define "not too expensive."

I assume this means that you definitely want Italian, right?

Does the restaurant have to be in Little Italy, or can it be close by (within 3 or 4 blocks, or even more)?
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I'm afraid the restaurants actually in Little Italy - that is, on Mulberry and Mott 1-2 blocks south of Canal - are all "sauce joints" serving massive amounts of mediocre American-Italian food to tourists. The "best" of these are La Mela and Umberto's.

But within a few blocks of there are many excellent moderately-priced restaurants - Lovely Day and Ruby's and La Esquina and Bar Martignetti and Cafe Habana and Ghenet are all just north in Nolita - I'll let others fill in the Lower East Side.
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While it's not Italian, Nyonya is a fantastic Malaysian place with very reasonable prices, and it's in Little Italy - on Grand between Mott and Mulberry.
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Or walk up Mulberry and get some good Aussie food (restaurant above, bar food in the bar below) at Eight Mile Creek.
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Best answer: Here is the place that the cast of the Sopranos ate every time a cast member got killed off.
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Response by poster: Yeah, my boyfriend is in the mood for Italian... and he gave up meat for Lent.
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go to lupa. you might have to wait, but its worth it.
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