WANTED: 1 (one) banjo bear
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BanjoBearFilter: Where online can I order a teddy bear (or other plush animal) holding a banjo?

I would like to send a teddy bear with banjo to cheer up a relative who used to play the banjo in a trad jazz band. Google has failed me. Does such a thing only exist in my fevered imagination?
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You could put one together yourself. A few minutes of Googling has revealed this 4" toy banjo and a 9" one (for bigger bears, I suppose).

Order bear and banjo to your house, combine with a little thread, ship to relative. Voila!
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I didn't see any holding miniature banjos but here's a bear wearing a t-shirt with the word "banjo" written on it. And another with "I Love Banjo". Yet another with a picture of a banjo on his shirt. And another, who would rather be playing his banjo.

Vermont Teddy Bears also lets you build a custom bear which includes uploading a 'tattoo' design of your choice, should you want to give a bear with a banjo tattoo. This later option takes a few weeks, however.
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You could try Boyd's Bears in PA
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The place to ask this would be Banjo Hangout. I can, if you'd rather not sign up ...
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Koko, if you check Google products for "banjo bear," you'll come up with a bunch of links of bears that wear t-shirts that say things like "banjos rule," "banjo picker," "I totally could kill you with a banjo," "your mom's all over my banjo like I'm Keith Richards," "my banjo tells me to do things sometimes," "you say 'Jesus,' I say 'banjo,'" etc. Here's an example.

Also, if you like I can go check prices on a Build-a-Bear Workshop bear here in town, see if they have a banjo option and mail it to you, if you like, though I think the BaBears can get a bit spendy once you accessorize (not sure, my kid ain't old enough for that kind of emotional blackmail). Mail me if you'd like me to go look.
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Here's one. It looks like some kind of "collectors item" so it might be more than you want to spend.
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I think that Mike Gregory might have what you need:
There are a few more suggestions in the thread:
-- and yes, it really matters if it's a four string or a five string. Four string is what most jazz players use.
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