Things to eat and drink in Tennessee
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Tennesseeans: Food and spirits suggestions on the TN side of the Great Smokies? Wife and I will be staying in Townsend for 6 days later this month and would like to sample the best food and drink in the area. What are the must-hit spots within an hour's radius or so of Townsend?

We have a rental car. We'll be hiking everyday so we'll be hungry - the heartier the fare, the better. We like beer, whiskey and bbq very much but suggestions for less famous local delicacies are welcome. Many thanks.
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Go to the Smoky Mountain Brewery in Gatlinburg. Great food, brew their own beer, and on Friday and Saturday nights they usually have a band!
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Your best chance is probably to drive to Knoxville, if you don't mine the college town atmosphere, or Gatlinburg, if you don't mine the . . . uh. . . shitty version of Branson atmosphere. I can't in good conscious recommend anything Ober Gatlinburg, especially since several of those counties are dry, but in Knoxville Sunspot and Barleys are both great tap rooms with solid food (Barleys serves pizza and such, while Sunspot has very diverse and unique menu.)
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If the weather's nice, take a drive on the Foothills Parkway, and if you're up for a mini-hike at the time, walk on up to the Look Rock tower. You'll wanna bring binoculars.
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Gatlinburg and Sevierville are just around the corner from Townsend there is alot of shopping and good eats galore. Calhouns has great BBQ (in Sevierville) however that lil town is dry (no liquor only beer.) Gatlinburg is a bit on the touristy side but has liquor. Ober Gatlinburg might still have snow for skiiing depending on the weather that week...In TN if you don't like the weather today...hang around it will be totally different tomorrow. The Burning Bush has been there for years and years. Its in Gatlinburg. You can walk that whole little town exploring the little shops.

Have a great time!
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Best answer: Knoxville:

Barley's = Tasty Beer
Tomato Head = Tasty Food
Market Square = Where Tomato Head is and where other very tasty places to eat and drink are located.
Sunsphere = How many churches can you see?
dixie dirt = Absurdly good Knoxville band
Metropulse = The Knoxville Weekly


Lemongrass = An oddly amazing Sushi/Thai restaurant. Odd because it's in small-town TN where it should have no business being so excellent.
Southland Books = Used bookstore, coffee house, stained glass studio. If Lisa is behind the counter she can tell you all you need to know about anything you might be curious about.
Brackins = Like live music? Good.
Tomato Head (see above link)


Deadbeat Pete's = Mexican-ish food, cheap beer, on the water.
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Response by poster: Thanks to all!
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