Best daily websites for Windows coders?
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After several years' break, I'm finally getting back into coding. My prior experience is with Linux, but I've since switched to Windows, and specifically .NET. I'm finding it a joy to use and play with, but going at it in a vacuum is hard. I'm familiar with gotdotnet and the invaluable MSDN, but where are the best, must-read daily sites for Windows developers?
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posted by perplexed at 7:57 PM on July 6, 2004 seems useful to me and definitely subscribe to Mike Gunderloy's Larkware News in your aggregator. and have lots of MSFT goodness.
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I don't know about daily reads, but C# Corner has a lot of good tutorials and examples. I also really like
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if you have a livejournal, i just created a Larkware News feed named "larkware", believe it or not.
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You could just switch to java which has a crazy amount of free, useful info out there for budding developers.
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