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About five years ago, I found a game online, and I can't remember what it's called or where I found it. It was more of a logic puzzle than a game really -- a little like Mastermind and a little like Battleship. And it also involved primitive natural language processing. [more inside.]

I remember a grid on the left side of the screen. Each cell of the grid could contain some kind of simple shape (star, diamond, rectangle, etc.) The goal of the game was to try to figure out a particular arrangement of shapes in the grid. The computer had this arrangement in its head, and you can to figure it out.

You did this by forming sentences like "PUT A DIAMOND ABOVE THE SQUARE." You formed these senteces by clicking buttons that labeled with key words. For instance that was a button labeled PUT and a button labeled ABOVE and buttons with each shape name. Other buttons said BELOW, TO THE RIGHT OF, etc.

Somehow -- I can't remember how (and I might have gotten some of the above details wrong) -- the game followed your instrunctions and then gave you feedback as to whether your patter matched the one it was thinking of.

I think it was all coded in Javascript. It might have been Java, but it wasn't Flash, because this was before flash.

I also seem to remember that this was on some kind of educational website (it might have been a site from an academic institution).

Ring any bells?
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