What international tournaments exist that might be thought of as "mental" Olympics?
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What international tournaments exist that might be thought of as "mental" Olympics? (That is, they contain a range of competitions based on intellect, strategy, problem-solving, mental arithmetic, etc...)
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Certainly not Metafilter political flamewars.
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According to this IHT article , the World Memory Campionship (Aug. 28 to Aug. 30) and the Mind Sports Olympiad (Aug. 19 to Aug. 30) both in Manchester.
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Odyssey of the Mind (formerly Olympics of the Mind, before the IOC made them change it).
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aw. That's sad. "Olympics of the Mind" or "Brain Olympics" would be cool.
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Response by poster: Thanks golo, that's exactly what I was looking for. I was familiar with Olympics of the Mind, but was looking for a good example for grown ups.
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Chess tournaments? Spelling Bees?
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They actually have "Olympics" for high school students in various science subjects. I know this because my partner - bless his geeky little heart - was a gold medal winner at the '92 Chemistry Olympics. He then went on to assistant coach the Australian Chemistry Olympiad team a couple of times. It's held in a different country every year. It's taken very, very seriously by some of the Asian countries, apparently. (He says, "Japan, like, don't enter teams anymore because their competitors started killing themselves because of the stress.") So it's a big deal to some folks.
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