Is Michael Lost?
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Where is Michael on TV's Lost?

Harold Perrineau, who plays Michael on TV's Lost, is listed in the credits for the latest episode of the show, "The Constant," but he never actually appears on screen, does he? Why do you think that is?
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He's been listed all season. *SPECULATIVE SPOILERS ZOMG* He might be Ben's spy on the freighter.
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He'll make his first appearance in the eighth episode of this season. See this page for more.
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hmm. Last weeks's show, almost dead guy to Desmond:
"It seems like you have a friend on this boat"
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He's listed in all the credits for the shows, not just last week's. I speculate that it is because he will be returning. Speculation is that he's on the freighter, whether he's Ben's guy or not stands to be seen.

Lost of fun and theorizing here.
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...and Harold is returning this season as a regular cast member. He made an appearance to announce this at...ComicCon, I think?

Aye, and there's a podcast of that panel's audio here. I too think Michael is Ben's spy on the boat, but a lot of people think that. Is it too obvious? We'll know soon.
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The difficulty I have with Michael being Ben's guy on the boat is how did they communicate since communications were down? How did Michael get any info to Ben?
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Or maybe you mean when is Michael, given all the time-travel hoodoo.
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Aye, and there's a podcast of that panel's audio here.

Thanks but I'd prefer not to listen to it, brother.

I hope the Michael/spy scenario is not the case, because it is too obvious.
Although, my 10 year-old daughter pointed out to me that the amount of money they were bidding for the antique "Hanso" ship ledger at the auction in the last episode was 2.43-whatever which was the same frequency used for the rat machine in the episode. So maybe I don't know obvious.
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If you're trying to avoid spoilers: Lostpedia says he hasn't been spotted, even in flashback, since the end of season 2.
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Actors' contracts (and, actually, nearly all contracts for people on the show) delineate where and when their credit appears. It's a negotiable piece that ties into compensation, as well. If you're a producer or a writer, exactly what you're called in the credits will be something you'll negotiate, and often will be only tangentially related to what you do on the show. Perrineau's agent surely negotiated for being in all the credits.

From a story perspective, it also means that while only having his credit appear in the first episode he's going to return to will tip off the savvy viewer, this way, no one will know when he's coming back (just that he *will* come back).
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I read awhile back that he left the show to star in a different series (forgot what it was called), but that show didn't catch on so he signed a contract as a full time cast member in Lost this season. When he'll turn up, idk.
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Spoiler: here he is.
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I don't know what the contractual nature of all this is, but Zoe Bell has been listed in the credits all season to date and has also yet to appear.
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