Timothy "Speed" Levitch of Museum tours?
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Please help me find the Timothy "Speed" Levitch equivalent of NYC Museum/walking/podcast/tours, does it exist?

I am aware itunes has official walking podcasts available and nothing against them, I will be using them.

But it occurred to me that Speed's NYC tour documentary "Cruise" of him doing the double decker Manhattan loops was pretty charming and gave me a different slant of the big city.

So here I am hoping my google fu has failed and there is some eccentric , irreverent, unique virtual voice that I could have accompany me on a tour.

Specifically I am starting with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but will give preference to any exhibit or museum that has the potential for an enhanced experience.

My dream first choice of course is ipod capable audio, but even if there exists something like an art/history/science enthusiast blog or article I can print out and follow along a specific wing or floor that can work as well.
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MoMa has something like this, but I think they just may be downloadable versions of what's available in their on-site listening devices.
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