Moving belongings from NYC to Montreal
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I am a UK citizen living in New York, planning tro move to Montreal in June. I'll be studying French on a study visa for 1 year whilst my permanent residency application is in process. I have some personal belongings, furniture and 2 cats in New York which I'm hoping my friend will drive up to me once I find an apartment.

I already know I need to fill out duplicate lists of all my property for customs, and the cats need proof of rabies shots.

I have some queries about the logistics of the process for anyone who has done something similar in the past....

1. I don't drive - I think I need to meet him at the border with proof of temporary residence visa - any ideas of how to do this - can I take taxi to the customs office at the border and drive back to Montreal with my friend?

2. Will I get questioned about the amount of stuff I bring, it's not a whole apartment of belongings, but definitely a few large items, chest of drawers, captain's bed, table and chairs, lamps etc.....

Any comments or experiences with his would greatly appreciated!
I've read the "rules" but would love to get some feedback from people who have had experience....
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I moved to the US from Canada a few years ago while on a TN Visa. I had only a few, but large, belongings. I rented a uhaul to bring them across. I had no problems with the amount of goods, however, in my experience it is much more of a lottery then how much you have. Meaning you could get a good guard that says "have a good day" or get pulled aside for a full search. I had a list of everything I had in the vehicle and where I purchased them. I was recommended to do so and I gave it to the guard. I think this helped me get through quicker.

If I could recommend one thing, that is to fly back to the states and drive up with your friend and belongings. I have not had anyone meet me at the border to pick something up so I am not sure how that will work out for you. I assume it will be more difficult then bringing it across yourself.

Good luck!
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As a UK citizen, aren't you basically a Canadian citizen already?

Anyway, as for going through the border, yes you can take a taxi from Montreal to the border, but it will be ridiculously expensive....the cabs around town in Montreal are a lot pricier than the ones in NYC. If you decide that is for you, I would try to negotiate a fare beforehand, and skip the metered fare. You might want to check out some Montreal forums or McGill forums for rides and info as well.

And if you are coming through the border with a whole lot of stuff, and a study visa, you should be fine, since they won't assume you will be staying in a hotel while you study.
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I'm going to be keeping an eye on this question because I'm still working out the kinks of moving my apartment's worth of stuff from Montreal back to the states. I'm sorry I can't be much more help to you, but if you do need to meet your friend at the border it will be much much MUCH cheaper if you take a Greyhound bus. They leave from downtown Montreal and make stops at a couple of different US boarders.
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A taxi from any border to Montreal is definitely going to cost a fortune. The Lacolle/interstate 87 crossing is almost an hour away; the St-Armand/interstate 89 crossing is about an hour and 15, and the Rock Island/interstate 91 crossing is about an hour and 45.
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Just wanted to note that it is a long time since UK citizenship automatically conferred Canadian citizenship. The countries are quite distinct.
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From Dogs and cats from the US that are at least three months old need signed and dated certificates from a veterinarian verifying that they have been vaccinated against rabies within the last three years. The certificate must clearly identify the animal. If your dogs or cats are less than three months old, you do not need a certificate of rabies vaccination to enter Canada. Animals must be in good health when they arrive.

make sure you get what you need for this. You don't want any problems and have to leave Fuffy behind or have to turn around.
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