"The Horror!"
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Can you point me toward the best Horror/movie blogs?

I'm looking for blogs that are frequently updated, that cover horror in movies, fiction, and news. I'm also open to blogs that are not exclusively horror themed, but still sometimes feature horror content.

I have the basics covered (Fangoria, Bloody-Disgusting, and about a dozen others). Throw me any ideas you've got-- long shots welcome.
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This dude watches a horror movie every day and blogs it (with varying degrees of success). Worth a look.

I get most of my horror fix from Eat My Brains and Bloody Disgusting.
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Nathan Shumate's Cold Fusion Video specializes in reviewing straight-to-video horror and SF movies. He's very good; the reviews are frequently hilarious (as the movies are frequently awful), but he's also capable of praising the good ones intelligently, which takes a lot more talent than slamming something comically.
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Theyrecomingtogetyou.com. I only found out about the movie reviews because of the cakes.
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Twitchfilm.net covers a lot of foreign horror...though not exclusively.
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Good Scares is fairly new but covers the things you mentioned, plus art. He's kind of particular, but maybe just what you're looking for.
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A few from my list that you might like:

Bloody Good Horror
Horror Yearbook
Art of Darkness
The Horror Blog
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