Wii game recommendation?
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What is the perfect wii (or maybe ps2) game to play with my lady?

We need a game to play together. Controller-handoff is fine (and actually preferred) - two player mode is not important. An adventure game with at least some story, some puzzles, and some run-and-jump action would probably be ideal. Wii is preferred but PS2 is an option as well.

We played (and she loved) Mario Galaxy.

We also played (and she loved) Okami. I thought the obvious next step would be to play Zelda, but she hated it: "too complicated", "not pretty enough", "boring story", "why can't I jump". This description broke my brain.

Any ideas?
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Best answer: From all the other AskMe threads I've seen regarding Wii games, Zack and Wiki fits your description to a tee. I plan to buy it when I go home for Spring break, but I hear it's a good mix of classic adventure gaming (a la Monkey Island) with some puzzles, and a lot of innovative uses for the Wiimote. I can't wait :]
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No jumping or great story, but chicks usually seem to dig Katamari Damacy. It's that game where you roll over things and pick up lots of stuff to increase the size of your ball. Lots of fun while it lasts, and it's pretty cheap. Great music, too.
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Sorry, but I don't think Katamari Damacy is out (yet) for the Wii. [Full list of Wii games.]
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Best answer: I am deeply in love with Lego Star Wars.
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It's out on the PS2, sorry, should have mentioned that.
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Katamari Damacy and We Love Katamari
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Yeah Lego Star Wars is what you are looking for.
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Pikmin! (Gamecube, but will work in your Wii).

And as long as you are raiding the Gamecube library, you might as well pick up Super Mario Sunshine.
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I second both the Katamari games and Lego Star Wars, to which my girlfriend and I were both hopelessly addicted for a while.
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It may be more of a guy game but Star Wars, The Force Unleashed, in which you get to wield a light saber comes out March 1.
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Throwing in another vote for Zack and Wiki. No platforming elements, but you can still screw up and die.
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There are a lot of GameCube games that my girlfriend and I have enjoyed playing collaboratively. We both enjoyed Beyond Good and Evil very much, and Sphinx was pretty good too. At the moment we're just getting into Zack and Wiki, so I'll second that.
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Well, it does fit the description at all, but GH3 for the Wii is pretty neat, and I believe that they're going to start selling the controllers individually soon, so you can get your 2nd guitar. Then you and your lady can rock out together.
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It may be more of a guy game but Star Wars, The Force Unleashed, in which you get to wield a light saber comes out March 1.
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If by March 1 you mean July 29th, then yes, it does.
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The original Jak & Daxter (the Precursor Legacy). You can probably pick it up used for less than $10. I pimp this game any chance I get. It's beautiful, easy but not too easy, and it just has atmosphere. The background music and noises are great and the gameplay is unique and fun.
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Forgot to mention Jak & Daxter is PS2 only.
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Soul Caliber III for PS2 doesn't really fit your description but is an awesome couples game nonetheless. Lego Star Wars is good, unless you get obsessed with completing everything, in which case it gets pretty tedious. The Katamari games are great, if you get one, get the sequel. Burnout III, with all the crashes, is great, and surprisingly good for couples. Those are all PS2 games.

I don't know how your lady love likes blasting zombies, but there's a House of the Dead game out for Wii that's fun. The only issue I have with Wii shooters is that pointing and pulling the trigger is uncomfortable, as it stretches the wrist at a strange angle. A gun controller is a must for Wii shooters. I don't know if Wii guncons are available yet.

Also, don't overlook the arcade classics collections for PS2: they're cheap and some contain real gems, and depending on her exposure, you might just find out her favorite game ever is Joust or Q*bert.
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Maybe branch out a little bit, to a game that is really interactive (the Wii's strong point). Show her some youtube clips of Trauma Center, and Warioware: Smooth Moves. My girlfriend kicks my ass at both :[
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breezeway: Are you talking about Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles for the Wii? I can't find any House of the Dead games for Wii, only announcements from late last year that a House of the Dead collection was planned.

Unless you know something I don't(which is entirely possible)?
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions.

Looks like I'll be picking up Zack and Wiki and Lego Star Wars - we'll try both and see which one sticks.

To respond to a couple of the other suggestions:

GH3 is already a favorite of ours, but mostly from playing at other people's houses - will probably get it eventually. This question was more about a sequential story type game.

She is not a fan of trauma center - tried that one already.

We already have Wario Ware (she loves it). Again, looking for more of a story game.
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It's not a fit with the games you mention, but my wife and I had a blast with Wario Ware. I (shameful admission ahead) haven't unwrapped my Mario Galaxies from Christmas (stupid Rck Band), so someone else will have to tell us if Super Paper Mario for the Wii (which I really liked) is similar.
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Here's another vote for Zack and Wiki. My bf and I work together to solve the puzzles on each level; they can be quite challenging and are always fun! Not to mention the teamwork leaves us oh so impressed with each others' skills! :)
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Yep, owtytrof, I'm thinking of Rez Evil UmbrellaChron (I play Dreamcast HotD with a guncon quite a bit, which is why I got confused). If the coming HotD release retains the original soundtrack, with all the weird dialog ("Don't come! Don't come!"), it oughtta be fun. But the Wii controller really makes my wrist hurt to point and shoot.
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I don't know if Rayman Raving Rabbids entirely fits your criteria, but I recommend getting it anyway because its so much fun. First of all, the game is hilarious (unless you are opposed to violence against cartoon rabbits). The single player mode has a fun story line to it, but you can play with 2 players after you unlock some of the games. It's also a blast to play with friends. The games are mini-games so there is lots of gameplay variety, but they're not too hard. My biggest endorsement is that it kept me interested from start to finish, which only 2 other games I've ever played have managed to do.

The other Wii game that kept me interested start to finish? Super Paper Mario. Unfortunately it is only single player.
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I should add that you should definitely get Raving Rabbids for the Wii, not PS2 - it makes excellent use of the wiimotes.
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Super Mario Galaxy. My girlfriend actually asks me to play it instead of sitting around watching TV. The 2nd player role is much simpler, but still usually has something very helpful to do (Collect stars, freezing enemies) and you could easily switch back and forth between being the controller for Mario.
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I need to read more. Sorry. 2nding Raving Rabbids though!
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My wife and I loved playing Chibi Robo (an older Gamecube game). It's single-player, with some basic platforming, some shooting (but mostly non-violent) and a surprisingly deep and moving story. We played it obsessively using the controller hand-off method. You can pick up a used copy for very cheap.
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I bought the Links Crossbow game with the wii zapper (only $20) and my wife enjoys that game - and the zapper accessory is what you need for Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles. She really likes Guitar Hero3 and made me buy a second guitar (yes, at full retail of $100) but I catch her playing it with her friends every now and then too.
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PS2 games my wife plays:
Katamari Damacy
Dance Dance Revolution (warning: if she likes this a lot, you'll end up needing a big metal pad)

For the Wii:
Mario Kart 64 (an $8 download, requires classic controllers),
WarioWare: Smooth Moves
Ravman Raving Rabbids
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PS2 = Jak and Daxter (I'd say all of three, but start with the first) and Ico (one of my favorite games of all time). If you like Ico, then Shadow of the Colossus, too.
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My wife likes karaoke (in theory ) so I am hoping to convince her to get a wii when rockband becomes available
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But seriously, Ico is what you're looking for. You'll have to hand over the controller, as it's not two player, but it's amazing. The story and the atmosphere of the game are beautiful. You have to run and jump around and solve puzzles. It's utterly fantastic.
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I'm going to second Super Mario Galaxy. It's one of those rare games that has a cooperative two-player mode with distinctly different roles. One player controls Mario, which is relatively complex, sometimes mind-bogglingly so. The other one has some limited control over the environment around Mario; gathering star bits, stunning enemies temporarily, activating coins.

The second role seems like it's designed to allow a serious gamer and a less-serious one to enjoy a game together. And it works. Really well. Expect to spend hours and hours playing together.
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Yes - Ico, Ico, Ico. (If you get the Euro or Japanese version and beat it once, you can play it two player the next time.) But it really doesn't matter who's actually holding the controller - you're both glued to the screen, talking about what to do next, holding your breath when the shadows gather.
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Follow ICO with Shadow of the Collosus. Not 2 player, but you can take turns. As beautiful and heart wrenching as ICO.
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I've just had some fun with Sonic The Hedgehog - Rings of Fire (or something like that). Not a first rate game, IMO, but still a lot of fun in the active-jumping-levels-activity sort of way. Single player, with lots of room for controller back and forthing, and some lame party games/.
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PS2: Curse of the Were-Rabbit

'course, the wife was a W&G freak, which didn't hurt, but its a cute world explorer with some charm.
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