Cloning iPOD content
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How I copy all content from an iPOD to others? I.e. how to clone iPODs?

Giving multiple iPODs (Touch) as corporate gifts. They will be full of customized content (music, podcasts, pictures, memos, calendar, contacts, etc.).

How can I clone this easily? I.e. after we've done one, how do we clone 10 or 20 other ones? None of the content is copyright protected, so that's not a problem.
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The easiest way is to load them all off of one computer—just copy the same files to each one in succession.
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The easiest way is to load them all off of one computer—just copy the same files to each one in succession.

And to use Winamp (if you have Windows) or another non-iTunes app to do it.

(The issue you'll face is that should the recipients plug said iPods into their computers and fire up iTunes, they'll be asked whether they want to delete all the content or cancel the connection.)
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Try this:

1) Load up an iPod exactly as you want it.
2) Use iTunes to backup the iPod.
3) Stick in a second iPod.
4) Restore from the backup.

It might insist on distinguishing between them for some reason.
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The problem with using iTunes itself to do this, as others have mentioned, is that once the recipient connects their new ipod to their own computer, their copy of itunes will complain.

The solution is to use any one of the various programs out there that allow you to transfer media to (and from) the ipod sans iTunes.

The program I've use most often is Yamipod though I've things about Floola as well.
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er, wow. that should read "heard good thing about Floola.
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iTunes was written without the concept of using multiple iPods with one computer, or multiple computers with one iPod? That's stupid. I retract my advice, and endorse namewithoutwords's.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers.

Seems that Yamipod doesn't support iPOD Touch, not sure about Floola supporting all content (like contacts, memos, etc.).
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I use Senuti on my macbook to copy music off of an ipod. Senuti is the opposite of ituneS.

This is the first mac computer I have owned. I have to admit (after years of resisting the idea) that ipod control is much better with a mac than with a Windows machine. I really think it is reason enough to buy a mac.
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You need to plug in the iPod and not launch iTunes. Then, view the hidden files on the iPod (iPod hides the music files). Once you view your hidden files, drag the entire music folder to the desk top.

Then you just drag copies of that entire music folder onto each of the new iPods you plug in. It's easy.
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Sorry ... I should've mentioned that this works with PCs. And I should've given a bit more detail. So, after you plug in your iPod, and shut down iTunes, then:

1.Go to My pc
2. Open your ipod's driver
3. go to Tools > Folder Options > view > click in show hidden files and folders
4. you will see a hidden folder named ipod_control
5. open it
6. Now you will see a music folder copy it to C:\

Then, do the same thing in reverse for your next iPod.
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Sharepod has worked for me.
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