Questions about PSP modding (via Pandora's Battery)
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Questions about PSP modding (via Pandora's Battery) - will my UMD games still play on it? Will games purchased via playstation online store still work? And if future games are made to not work with modded units, can I 'reverse' the modding and go back to Sony firmware?
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I should clarify, I have several UMD games that I want to be able to continue to play, and I'm planning on getting some titles coming out in the future that I want to be able to play - not sure if they're tweaking the UMD games in some way so that they won't work on custom firmware.
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If you have the Pandora battery, you can reverse the firmware back to stock at any time. You should also be able to just use Sony's normal firmware updates as well, but I haven't tried this path.

Early on before the release of the Pandora battery, Sony would release games that would force the end user to upgrade to the latest firmware (which would invariably have patches against previous vulnerabilities). Theoretically they could do this with any release, but it seems like hacked versions of official firmware releases come out pretty quickly so this isn't a big deal.

UMDs will still play normally. I haven't downloaded any of the PSN store games to check those, but I would be surprised if these didn't work normally as well.
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Yes, PSN downloads work fine on the M33 firmware. The PC downloading software sucks, but they said that they are releasing a web store shortly similar to the PS3 one.

M33 firmwares can now automatically update themselves using the Network Update app, and you can install stock Sony firmware any time you want.
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