Luxury apartments nyc?
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I have a specific question about apartments in NYC. I will be moving June 1, and am looking for an apartment building in the Upper West Side with similar cost/amenities/location as Sheffield 57 or Trump Tower. Does any one know of any similar rentals or apartment buildings in the same area? I have been searching around, but am finding it hard to locate places that arent for sale, or that have the same standards as these two wonderful places. Thank you so much i really appreciate any and all help!!!!!
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Check, specifically,

(disclosure: I work at, but that doesn't make it less awesome)
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Now as a real link: Rentals in The Upper West Side in StreetEasy
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Have you considered hiring a broker? It seems reasonable at that price point.
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Looking at the link sd provided, the rent is $65,000 per month, not the sales price for the unit.

(I am flabbergasted! Is there that many people that can afford $65,000 per month on rent?)
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