Canada for Obama!
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Where can I get this Obama "Progress" shirt? I know the image is from Obey Giant people but I can't find the shirt online anywhere. Know any other good Obama gear?

Pretty much all the official shirts on the Barack Obama website are back ordered for who knows how long. I'm also looking for any other well designed Obama shirts/gear, or places in the bay area who sell them.

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A knockoff appears to be available on eBay...?
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This shirt seems to be pretty popular in my neighborhood...
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Since the image is easy enough to find in high quality, why not go to your local hobby shop and buy some transfer paper and then iron it on yourself? The whole project, mess ups included, shouldn't cost more than eight or nine dollars, plus you can get the fit just right. I'm the least crafty person you'll meet, and I think it's pretty easy. If you have an A.C. Moore nearby they will have transfer paper and inexpensive cotton t-shirts aplenty.
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We saw a nice poster for Obama in San Antonio the other day, it came from . Here's a gratuitous self-link to the poster. Pretty fun, huh?
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Search "barack" under tee shirts at

I like this one.
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Upper Playground?
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Here are some neat baseball-style ones.
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