How to make Trillian work over a VPN?
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Trillian vs VPN. Anyone know how I can get a local copy of trillian to work (aim, msn and irc) when I log into a VPN (and remote desktop) into another system?
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So the only way you have access through the internet is via the remote desktop? Somthing like: LocalPC - RemotePC - Internet? Can you say which VPN product you're using? Can you ping RemotePC from LocalPC?

My initial thought would be to use Socks and point Trillian on LocalPC to the Socks server on RemotePC using something like
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Are you trying to use trillian on your local machine, or on the remote machine?

If on the local machine, it could be your gateway settings on your VPN connection.

Try Editing your VPN connection,
Click on Networking
Click on the "Internet Protocol" option
Click the properties button
Click Advanced
Unclick "Use default gateway on remote network"
Click [OK], [OK], [OK]. to save your changes.

Trillian should now work on your local machine.
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