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Can you recommend a CPA in Portland, Oregon?

My taxes are now complicated enough that I think it might be worth it to pay someone else to deal with filing for me this year.

No one I know in town uses a local CPA, I am not going to an H&R Block place, and I don't want to just choose someone at random from the phone book... so here I am asking the hive-mind for a recommendation. This is just for personal income taxes, but does involve 50% ownership of my house so my taxes are a little wacky.
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I'm biased, but my sister in law is a CPA and has her own tax preparation business in Portland, called Clarity Tax Service. Business has been growing fast lately, mostly by word of mouth, so she must be doing something right!
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Does the CPA need to be in Portland proper? I use Wilcox Arredondo in Canby and am quite happy.
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Most of my friends and I have been going to Byte 10 Accounting & Tax for years. I do not know if she (it is a one woman show) is a CPA or not.
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A&E Tax Service.
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