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I'm going to be launching/relaunching a blog focused on the game development industry. I'm all set to go, but I need a name! Anyone have suggestions for names, or just general help on creating a name for a blog that is memorable, descriptive, and not lame?

I have a blog that I haven't updated in a year that called JZigishness. That's a horrible name, and it's got a lame, narcissistic url. I want to make another stab at the whole blogosphere thing, hence my need for a slightly less crappy name. I'm mostly going to be talking about insider-but-not-fireable stuff about the industry, as well as game design and game culture stuff (with a focus on MMO's, because of where I work). I'm probably going to be hosting it at typepad (I'm lazy), and I'll go pay $30 for a url, so this question is about the branding/marketing as opposed to any technical stuff. Also I'm not famous at all, so I can't just pull a Raph Koster and put my real name in my blog title.
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Game In/Game Out (aka GIGO) ... domain is available.
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There already is a very popular gaming blog called Joystiq.
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invsqrt. ( is available!)
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how about "prerendered.*"? The .com is taken, but most other TLCs are still available.
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Best answer: DoubleBuffered dot com is still available. Fly, fly!
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Are there already blogs called GameDev and GameBiz? I think there might be, but, if not, maybe one of those would be a good choice.
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The following domains are available in .com, .net, and .org flavors:

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Available via and you can forward it to your typepad blog address.

Having said that, bugger typepad. It just sucks and is just a lame way to go if you're planning to make a more serious go of your blog. You can get inexpensive hosting with one-click install of WordPress, Typo or whatver; there's plenty of tasty, free themes; and you have better control of your domain and your data.
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The Chipset
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Response by poster: Good suggestions so far! Many of these could work, and I'll post a followup if I pick any (and a link in the about page).

DarlingBri: I realized I had been mixing up and I did the evaluation a few months ago and yeah, seems to suck. I'm going to start out on, and then migrate to my own WP installation if I need to. I spent a lot of time dealing with system administration and spam blocking stuff with my previous blog, so I'm going to try hosting for now.
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JZiq, just so you know, by default won't let you put ads on your blog or upload audio or video files, unlike TypePad -- those seem like pretty big constraints for a video game dev blog. And contrary to what DarlingBri said, TypePad lets you use your own domain name and has dozens more themes than, in addition to offering actual help and support and built-in tools for spam blocking. It's serious enough for, for example, Wired's gaming blog. I work with the team, and we'd be glad to help you get started if you need.

And to answer the question posed, think about things that are uniquely resonant to game developers, or that are appealing to anyone but have special connection to the jargon of the business. Some of the real functional parts of making games might be attractively geeky, like btrees or d-pads or z-order -- those are all short names that are evocative for that audience. There are also the trappings of actually playing games, like "Select, Start" or levelgrinder or the like. You lean more towards MMORPGs than traditional console/platformers, it seems, but some of the terms of art that you take for granted are really evocative as names in general: Kinematic, basemesh, zbrush, all that kinda stuff.
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Response by poster: Alrighty, I went with DoubleBuffered, and my blog is up (with only old posts) at Thanks a bunch unixrat, I cited you in the about page :) I went with DoubleBuffered because it's programmer-y (I'm a programmer), but not quite as obscure and graphics techy as invsqrt. It also flows well (I forget the correct poetic word).

Anil, thanks for the comments on the branding stuff, that was interesting and helpful! I ended up going with because I didn't need ads (I sorta feel it's a bit odd to make money off a personal blog when the reason you'd be making money is because you're employed at a company), audio, or video. If I do decide to get more professional, I'll definitely re-evaluate typepad. Also, from a usability standpoint, I found it much easier to use's FAQ than it was to find info on typepad's site. has a nice visible FAQ link, while I just realized what Knowledge Base actually means on typepad's site. It took me some effort to figure out if typepad would do what I wanted, so I didn't bother looking after I determined that WP did.

Thanks everyone.
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interesting blog - subscribed!
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