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Help me find some art classes for a rank beginner in New York City.

My business is folding and I am hoping to take a year or two of my retirement now in my early 40s. I want to take some photography and art courses in New York City. I have no measurable talent and less experience. Where should I go for a friendly, hands on introduction to drawing, watercolors and photography?
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I would try the continuing ed classes at NYU, or SVA, or Parsons/The New School. I took a pinhole camera class at The New School and it was definitely for beginners, and it looks like their other classes are also geared to beginners.
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I bet the Art Students League would have a course for you.
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ICP is great for photography... very good facilities and lots and lots of classes offered at different times.
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NY Academy of Art, NY Studio School, Grand Central Academy, and National Academy of Art (which has a drawing class purely for beginners.) Most classes at these schools will have a few complete beginners, and they are generally very friendly.
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If you're looking for something inexpensive and a great community, try art classes at the Educational Alliance. I took a beginner's drawing class there and loved the atmosphere. I was worried about feeling intimidated but it was very free and welcoming.
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