Help me SHMUP on my PSP.
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I got a PSP equipped with Dark Alex's 3.90 M33-2 CFW. Help me get some good SHMUPS to play on it.

I got a SNES, NES and GBA emu on it, so I can play those shmups. However I don't know the title of the best of them.
I'd really love to get MAME on it to play DoDonPachi, but I doubt it's playable on the PSP MAME port.
Does anyone else have suggestions for me?
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For those like me who didn't know, "SHMUPS" is shorthand for "shoot 'em ups."
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check out, and that'll be a good start.
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Response by poster: I'm mainly looking for name of shmups I can play on my PSP using emulators or natively.
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Best answer: For the SNES, I think the must-play shmup is Axelay. It feels like a game that couldn't come from any other console, it's a moderate challenge, and it's just fun.

I'm really fond of the SNES version of Gradius III. It still has the usual Gradius bullcrap where if you die you might as well reset the game, but at least it's better in that respect than its arcade counterpart, and the music's better.

I go back and forth on UN Squadron. It has a lot of conventions that offend modern shmup sensibilities (upgrades you purchase, a life bar), but I think it does pretty well with all that.

That's all I've got for personal recommendations. You could check the review archive for a lot more.
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Best answer: My standard list of SHMUPS for SNES is:
- R-Type III
- Gradius III
- Parodius
- UN Squadron
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Take a look at Racketboy's blog he regularly has features on games for old systems. Required reading for anyone interested in emulation or retro-gaming.
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Best answer: The neo geo emulation on the psp is not bad either...can't remember the good shmup titles, but I know there's a fair number of them. I was using the NeoGeo CDZ emulator, but there's been a few released since then, so there might be a better one.
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