Anyone Here Watch Cartoons in Vietnam About 20 Yrs Ago?
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Can you identify this show? A friend of mine fondly remembered an animated cartoon that she enjoyed watching in Vietnam about 20 years ago -- but she can't remember the exact name of it.

She barely remembers it, but thinks it may have been called "Mikka" [MY-KAH] or [MEE-KAH]? It could also have been a Russian cartoon that was imported? It may have had over a dozen episodes -- with a plot about a girl (with the same name as the show) who had some magical powers. Any suggestions on how to try to find out what it was? Or if it still exists somewhere?
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This thread over at animesuki helped identify the name of a cartoon I saw in Japan over 20 years ago. good luck!
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Thanks, I'll give that a try!
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