Are there any webhosts that offer hosting with Moveable Type pre-installed?
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I have a friend who wants to set up a movable type based weblog on a new (yet to be registered/determined) domain. Are there any webhosts that offer some sort of movable type webhosting plan, that is one with movable type already installed? Alternately, any recommendations for movable type freindly webhosts would be appreciated.
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TypePad are the obvious answer, and they provide domain mapping.
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I heartily recommend with whom I've hosted my blog. For $3 per month, you get a decent hosting service and MT pre-installed. I've recommended them to many friends who've moved their blogs on to MT and all of them are happy.

(And no, I don't make any money from referrals. How much could I possibly get from 3 lousy bucks?)

posted by madman at 2:04 AM on July 3, 2004 might suit your purposes. They're very blog friendly and offer this in their FAQ.
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Bloghosts is very cheap (starting at $3 a month) and very reliable. I've had very few problems with them, but when I have filed support tickets, they've been taken care of immediately. They'll even install MT (or another CMS of your choice) for free.
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you might want to point them to textdrive which is Dean Allen's latest text-suffixed adventure. I've heard good things and have used textpattern as well.
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And note that the built in comment engine on MT is *violently* incompatible with, among other things, Konqueror (whether this dribbles over to Safari, I don't know). Both Dan Gillmor and Dave Barry's newspapers use MT to host their weblogs, and they get *scads* of duplicate comments -- it appears to be something about the caching of the button targets.

And of course, there are the recent licensure issues about MT...

There are many similarly lightweight solutions, including Xoops, and whatever ... it's either Considered Harmful or Genehack ... just switched to.
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