Heathy Eating in Northwest Houston?
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Where can I find healthy, great-tasting food at a restaurant in northwest Houston?

Asking for someone else. I just moved to the northwest part of Houston, around where 290 meets the Sam Houston Tollway. One of the big problems I've been having is finding a good place to eat lunch with coworkers. Some place relatively healthy (for me) that has good food for everyone else (my coworkers). I used to like Fresh City up in Boston, but they don't have restaurants outside of the northeast. I'm quickly getting sick of Subway and Quiznos. Houstonians - do you have any advice?
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Hmm, there's a good sized cluster of restaurants at Highway 6/FM 1960 and 290, just a few minutes from you, that's the first place I'd check. There's close to a dozen places at the intersection, there may be something that fits your bill. Also if you go north on FM 1960 there's quite a few places along the road.

You can also head to the Willowbrook Mall area, but that may be a bit far for lunch.

If you have any specific types of food you like I may be able to come up with a suggestion.
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The best Vietnamese in town is out there, Pho Vang at Tidwell and 290. Healthy, fresh, fast, and yummy. One of my company warehouses is out there and I make everyone eat there with me every time I go out there.
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And of course there's Panera, might be more acceptable to your coworkers.
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Seconding Panera Bread... and there are Chick-Fil-As everywhere in Houston. Check and see if there's a Murphy's Deli nearby, too - they have a handful of good, healthy options.
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