Needed: Can't-Miss Hotel in Downtown Salt Lake and a great price on said hotel.
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Needed: Can't-Miss Hotel in Downtown Salt Lake and a great price on said hotel.

I'm taking my wife on a weekend getaway in Salt Lake City.

I wanted to treat her to a weekend at the Salt Lake Four Seasons, until I realized that there isn't a Salt Lake Four Seasons.

Requirement A: A Nice place to stay in Downtown Salt Lake where the staff will treat us like a king and queen for a weekend.
Requirement B: I don't want to pay my life savings for this, so I'd like to keep it to $100/night or less.

I got a killer deal on a room in St. George last summer by making a bid on Priceline, but making a bid on Priceline doesn't let me choose where I want to go.

We've been to Anniversary Inn, and it was meh. The Chosen Place should have amenities like a pool, room service, in-house massage therapist (ok, maybe not that one), etc... Oh, and it MUST be downtown, because the rest of our plans are there. If we can just take Trax everywhere (in the free fare zone), that would be great.

Super extra bonus points if the hotel has a nice adults-only pool table.

This will be March 28-30.

Thanks Hive Mind!
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Best answer: The Hotel Monaco is gorgeous, and is in the free fare zone (as far as I can tell). It does appear, though, that unless you know the right people, their cheapest room is about $150/night.
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Best answer: I second Hotel Monaco, though it's going to be in the >$150 range. But it's a pretty cool hotel and the Bambara restaurant in the hotel is very good. It's definitely in the free fare zone for TRAX. It's right on Main Street.

Though I think your price ceiling is a little too low for downtown SLC. And being treated like royalty generally means spending a little coin. :-]

Little America (or Grand America if you want to spend a little more) are nice and they are right on the TRAX line. Technically, those places are just outside the free fare zone, but only one stop away from the free zone.
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Best answer: The Alta Club has everything you are looking for, but unfortunately it is a members only hotel/club (along with family and friends). I stayed there about 4 years ago and it was absolutely one of the nicest hotels I have ever been to. Impeccable service, beautiful rooms and excellent food.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys! I'll be looking into Monaco and Alta. I might know a member or two of Alta, and I'm hoping that Monaco might be a participant of Priceline.

Does anyone know what kind of hotels I'll get if I make a bid for a 4-Star on Priceline? Will it be the kind of quality of the offerings above?

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