1-800-CONTACTS Comes North?
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What's the best site to order contact lenses from in Canada?

Looking for somewhere to buy daily disposable contact lenses online. I haven't actually ordered contacts online before; will I need anything more than my most recent (1 month-ish old) prescription?

About how much should I expect to pay for a month of daily disposable lenses? I can just buy one box, right? I only wear contacts once every 1-2 weeks, rarely for more than 4 hours at a time, so one box should last me for a quite a while. Finally, any recommendations on brand?

(This is all operating under the assumption that order online is going to be cheaper than order from my downtown Vancouver optometrist. If that's not the case, please correct me)
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I've used clearlycontacts.ca for a few years with no problems, except once when my order got lost despite fedex saying they had delivered it. Because I had been a customer for a few years, they reshipped it no questions asked.

The only strange thing is that during the online checkout process, they confirm your order and say it is being shipped before you have entered in any credit card info. You then can pay by credit card anytime after your order has been processed, and they will send you a bill if you don't pay in time. It works out in practice, but I'm sure some people get screwed thinking they are just exploring the site and suddenly found they have "ordered" something without inputting their credit card details.
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Best answer: I've also used Clearly Contacts before and found their service and prices to be fairly good. But lately I've been getting my contacts from the downtown Costco, as their prices aren't much higher than the online places, I don't have to worry about shipping costs, and I can pick up replacements right away if I find myself down to my last pair.

Since I know you IRL, Nelsormensch, you are welcome to borrow my Costco membership if you don't have one.
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Oh - also - if you're trying to sort out what brand of dailies works best for you, I thionk Costco will give you a trial pair so you can test them out before investing in a whole box.
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I've also been using clearlycontacts.ca for a few years (aka Coast Contacts I believe). They're based in Richmond, or at least they have a warehouse there, and I usually get next-day delivery in Burnaby. Cheaper than the optometrist.
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Response by poster: *slaps forehead* I didn't even think of Costco, thanks! I'll check things out there (I do have a membership) and if it's not looking good, I'll try clearlycontacts.ca.
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