Gift giving when the unthinkable occurs
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Gift idea for 2 yr old boy in the hospital with severe burns on one hand?

My co-worker's son was abused by his sitter (unbelievable, I know...) I am out of my tree over this and would like to send the little guy a cheerer-upper. I am definitely thinking books- but I also thought that some kind of toy would be good- but it has to be something he can use with one hand and not anything that would agitate him too much.... I am considering a bear or other stuffed animal....

Ideas? (also, any ideas for a cheerer upper for his mama would be good too...)
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If his hand is hurt, maybe books aren't the best idea. How about videos? Does he have a viewer in his room?

Stuffed toy sounds really good.
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A toy airplane or rocket ship that is small enough to hold with one hand. He can 'zoom it around' up in the air with the good hand.

I don't know if it was his dominant hand, but if he can still color, I recommend the aquadoodle toys. (Doesn't make a mess, and my triplets loved it at that age. Score it a win-win)
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The Jumbo Echo Microphone is a real winner at our house, no batteries, one handed operation, definitely fun for a two year old. Tell him his pals at Metafilter say get well soon! Let's hope something large falls on the sitter.
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Dropping by to keep them company in the hospital if you can would probably be a great gift. Also, maybe some tapes to listen to at night there when he's falling asleep?
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Every kid needs a teddy bear, especially when he's in the hospital.
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Definitely the stuffed animal. Make sure it's one that's big and soft enough for him to hug.

Books are a good idea if he has someone to read them aloud to him. Maybe you could volunteer to be that person?
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My 2yo loves helium-filled balloons--regular latex or those mylar which come in funky shapes and characters. Latex can be a choking issue for toddlers, so make sure they're corralled at night or if he's alone, but the mylar ones stay inflated a lot longer. Also, a magnifying glass (crazy fun with all kinds of new stuff in the hospital). Oh, and loopy drinking straws. I hope the little guy gets better soon!
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One other thing: his mom may have thought of this already, but a pillowcase from home might be especially comforting. Or you could get him a new one with some character or activity on it that he likes.
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Thirding a huggable and friendly-non-scary looking stuffed animal. I'd go as far as to recommend that for adults in the same situation.
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How awful. I have a little guy and I'd be devastated if that happened.

Portable DVD player and a DVD. I am not someone who lets my kids watch a ton of TV, but this can be wonderful for when a kid is going through a difficult medical procedure or a shot and needs to be distracted. It can also make a long car ride shorter -- and that first car ride home might be hard, if he's in a lot of pain. If the parents aren't in to a lot of TV, you can position it this way.

The DVD player might be out of your budget, but perhaps you and some other co-workers could share the cost. I recently purchased one for $50.

You could also look into putting together a basket of things designed to distract a child from a difficult procedure. Bubbles, noisy/flashy toys, etc. The parents might appreciate the help.

If there are others to help you with the cost or it's in your budget, the parents might also appreciate gift cards for meal delivery. They could possibly feel nervous about cooking around their young child when they do get home.
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My son loved Imaginext when he was little, and Tremor the Mammoth is adorable and awesome.

Poor little guy. I would be over the top, too. Tell him all your friends from the web are thinking of him!
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I spent a lot of time in the hospital when I was not much older than your coworker's son and I remember loving stuffed animals because they kept me company and sometimes made me feel a little safer/less alone. I also loved a little rubber dinosaur because I could clutch it while I was undergoing procedures away from my regular hospital bed and no one would notice it.
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Hug your coworker. Hug the boy's Mom. Help them be strong for him.
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Poor little boy. Good for you as to wanting to do something to help.

That being said, I'm going to get all grinchy (as the mom of a 19 month old boy) and say please, not a stuffed toy. Everyone in the world is going to get him one, and even at the age of two I'm betting his house is probably overrun with them -- and mostly, they just sit there collecting dust.

I would suggest instead some sort of shape sorter toy. This one is plastic and fairly light weight, or there is also this great wooden one if plastics are an issue for you. He should be able to sit the sorter on a bed or floor (or whatever) and sort with the other hand, and shape sorting keeps my son entertained for often ten - fifteen minutes at a time.

Again, thanks for being such a good generous person!
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Response by poster: THANKS, dear community, for all of your good ideas and good wishes... I split the difference and brought a small stuffed tiger, an etch a sketch, and a dvd.... little guy had a skin graft procedure yesterday... seems to be doing well...
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