Help me get rid of this persistent foul taste in my mouth.
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I got my tonsils out three months ago, and ever since have had a persistent foul taste in my mouth. What's going on?

I (21, F) had a tonsillectomy around Thanksgiving of this year. Ever since, I've had a persistent, bitter taste on the back of my tongue -- sort of like blood, but less metallic.

I've since been to two ENTs and an internist. The first ENT (the surgeon who performed the tonsillectomy) said, "I don't touch the tastebuds; it will probably resolve itself." The internist didn't know, but suggested I try Biotene toothpaste and mouthwash (no change). Last month, the second ENT suggested the possibility of laryngopharyngeal reflux, and put me on a course of antacids, so far to no effect.

I'm not overweight and I'm in otherwise good health. This foul taste is constant and overwhelms/warps the taste of food. I miss chocolate!

I know YANAD, but has this happened to anyone else after a tonsillectomy? What questions should I ask the ENT at my follow-up appointment next week?
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I think mouth surgery is just like this. Took about six months for my sense of taste to settle down again after my wisdom teeth came out.

Some people notice it more than others, I guess.
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Does it taste metallic? I had a similar overwhelming taste in my mouth that took about three or four months to disappear completely. One day I was just eating something and I realised I could taste it fully, without the foul metallic taste I'd had for months.
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I had my tonsils out a month before you did and noticed the same none-too-pleasant taste. It just went away for me. Same taste, too.
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I had the same problem, and a thick coating of white stuff on my tounge ... turned out I had thrush and a bad postnasal drip that was what was causing some of the tonsil problems in the first place. A good teeth cleaning from a dentist, a nose spray from my ENT, and a course of antifungals got me back to where I should be.
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Rinse with Hydrogen Peroxide (follow the directions on the bottle). The worse it tastes, the dirtier your mouth is. After a few times, my white tongue went away, my mouth tasted clean and food tasted good again. Good luck!
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