What wget configuration do I need to grab only mp3s, courteously?
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mp3 blogs: Say I'm reading an mp3 blog that links to several external sites hosting legal mp3s. I'm running os x. What wget configuration do I need to use to grab the mp3s in a given entry that are hosted elsewhere, do so in a courteous, non-hogging manner, and not grab the html or graphics?

I've been trying:

wget -r -l2 wc -A mp3, Mp3 -R html, jpg http://mp3blog.com

But it isn't working. I'd like to throttle the bandwidth down to so I don't crush anyone's servers. Thanks for any tips.
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1. use firefox
2. load the spidezilla extension, which is a wget graphical interface.
3. Profit!
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Download Deep Vacuum which is a GUI for wget [wget baffles me also, and I'm not afraid to admit it] and, oh yeah,

3. Profit!
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Response by poster: Oddly, deep vacuum isn't getting much, even when I tweak the settings, so I suppose it's a robots.txt issue. Oh well, DV will be useful for other things, thanks.
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In general, I've found excluding html usually doesn't work, since it won't get the actual homepage either. So it never even gets the page that has the links to the mp3s.
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Try using -erobots=off on the command line for wget.
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I use the command:
wget -r -l 2 -H --no-parent -A.mp3 -R.txt,.html.,.htm,.php --follow-tags=a -nd http://www.sitename.com/mp3directory/page.html

(I think your wget might be written wrong-- you might need the . in .mp3, etc.)

This will pull only the mp3s on a page (and on any other page within a click-- change the '-l 2' to '-l 1' if you only want the mp3s on that page.

I set up that command as a little shell script so I only have to type 'suckmp3s http://www.sitename.com/mp3directory/page.html'. Email me if you need more info about shell scripts... or google for "basic bash scripting",
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Response by poster: Very cool, and thanks. I just ran across Jeffrey Veen's version, which is as follows:


wget -r -l1 -H -t1 -nd -N -np -A.mp3 -erobots=off -i ~/mp3blogs.txt

Where "mp3blogs.txt" is a list of mp3 blogs. Seems to work. I will put it in a Bash script using the directions above, thanks to all.
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