Fantastic Four Movie
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A number of years ago (8? 10?) there was a relatively low budget movie version of The Fantastic Four made, only to be bought up, and never shown the light of day, awaiting a big-budget production in the future.

Has anyone stumbled across information of this aborted project, and does anyone know where some video of it exists (in a digital format)?
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Yeah, Roger Corman produced it, and it's supposed to be pretty awful. The comic book store I go to here in NYC (Midtown Comics) has it on VHS, probably in the $15-dollar range. It's not digital, but if you're interested, contact me via my profile, and I can arrange to get you a copy.
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Here's a writeup with a few stills from the movie. No video though.
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I had a digital copy around somewhere, but I can't seem to find it right now. I'll dig around in the old CD pile, but if nothing turns up, it's floating around on the webernets somewhere...
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I found it on Kazaa Lite a year or so ago. Watched about 10 minutes of it, then gave up. I eventually deleted it to save the space on my hard drive. I think I remember reading somewhere that the movie was mainly created to preserve the film rights.
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You can nab a copy at any comic book convention. I've seen bits and pieces of it over the years - especially interesting is the "effect" of Mr. Fantastic extending his appendages. Think of Hitchcock's "vertigo" effect in the belltower applied to a guys arm, only a few orders of magnitude lamer.
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I also got it off Kazaa at some point. Not worth it.
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I bought it off ebay in 1999. It was a dub-of a dub of a dub, so the terrible quality of the film was compounded by the terrible quality of the dub.

I thought that it would be a so-bad-it's-good affair. But it was not. It was - really really boring. Amazingly boring. I coudn't watch more than 30 minutes. I understand the curiosity (I shelled out for it after all), but it is beyond terrible.
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