What's this comedy show called?
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I have directv and occasionally they give customers free access to pay channels to tempt us to sign up. I was watching one of the channels, which I think was called Universal, and there was a really funny show that I think was Canadian, about a middle aged guy on his second marriage with two kids from a previous marriage and two little kids, and a really hot 20 something sister. The scene for the show was this: An annual family reunion BBQ to celebrate the wedding anniversary the 60 something grandparents, and preparations for it. The plot, the old man gets drunk and announces that he wants a divorce because his wife is a nag. Very very funny stuff, sibling rivalry, at all levels, awkwark moments between ex and current spouses, some touching moments about the older children being the spawn of inferior breeding, very very funny. I want to stream it, but I don't even know the name of the network, let alone the name of the show.

What was this pay-channel comedy television series called?
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Sounds like Sons & Daughters. You were watching it on Universal HD, but the show is actually an ABC show which has been canceled.
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That does sound quite a bit like Sons & Daughters, a show that was way, way too clever for its time and place. It was cursed from the very start, premiering mid-season opposite American Idol, and the final episode of the season (and therefore series) was never aired. Furthermore, the DVDs will never be released due music licensing issues.

Not even sure if it's available through torrents anymore.

If you liked that partially improvised Fred Goss show that never got a fair shake, be sure to check out Significant Others.
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Not even sure if it's available through torrents anymore.

There, fixed that for you.
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Yup definetly the pilot for Sons & Daughters. I really like this show and of course, the networks decided to cancel it. (figures).
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