How do I record live video directly from DV to PC?
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I'd like to record live video directly from my FireWire DV camera using Windows XP. Is this possible?

I can transfer already recorded video stored on the FireWire DV camera's tape, but with the live video I just get a black screen.

I know this is possible with Windows Vista, but can't find a Windows XP solution.
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Exsate DV Capture Live
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Adobe's OnLocation CS3 is made expressly for this purpose.

if that's too pricey, try to find an old version of Serious Magic's DVRack. (This was the product Adobe bought and rebadged as OnLocation with a few upgrades thrown in.)
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I believe the cheap version of adobe premiere does this.
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Check the manual for your camera. Mine did the same thing until I flipped an obscure, not-clearly-named switch.
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