Donating Furniture in NYC
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I have a loveseat I want to get rid of, sooner rather than later. Donating it to charity has the dual appeal of being a Good Deed and providing the means to actually haul it away (I live in Brooklyn, in a walkup, sans car). The Salvation Army can do it, but requires 2 weeks advance notice. Does anyone know any other NYC-based organizations (or, hey, any Mefites in need of a couch) that will do this, preferably on shorter notice?
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check out craigslist.

I've gotten rid of three couches and a dining table set, often within hours of posting.
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The St. Vicent de Paul Society is the Catholic version of the Salvation Army, look them up in a phone book or call your local parish.
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Stick it on the street, with a sign that says "free". It'll be gone inside an hour.

Not really your Good Deed, though, unless you just like Giving Stuff Away.
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I do what o2b says. It's usualy equivalent to giving it to the poor, but without the receipt. Although, I will caution you with one anecdote.

Last house I moved out of, we had a huge L-shaped couch pair that we didn't want to keep. It was heavy as hell for one thing. We began leaving stuff outside a couple of days before the actual move, and it all quickly vanished. The couch, however, mysteriously re-appeared the morning of our move. I was concerned that it would still be there when the landlady came to inspect, but at that point it was a little late for us to plan anything else for it. So we left it. She never complained, so I presume someone else took it.
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The sign is optional in Brooklyn. Donating to the Salvation Army may not be a good deed.
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I have had extraordinary luck getting rid of furniture via St. Vincent de Paul Society (within three days of my call) and by putting it out on the street with a sign.

The plus to St. Vince's is that they'll come and get it out of your apartment so you don't even have to carry it down the stairs (or that was the case in Delaware and NC, NY might be different). Also, you will get a really sweet letter telling you that you're great if you let the St. Vincent de Paul Society come get your couch.
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Response by poster: Donating to the Salvation Army may not be a good deed.


Thanks for the heads up on the St. Vincent de Paul Society. I'll give them a call.
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Donating to the Salvation Army may not be a good deed.


Anti-gay sentiments, among other reasons. I prefer Goodwill, as well as Housing Works in Manhattan -- i don't know if they'd travel to Brooklyn to get furniture, though here they say they do pick up stuff. Worth a call.
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