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Day trip to Atlantic City?

Some friends and I have Pres day off and we're thinking about heading down to Atlantic City for a day trip (we live in nyc). Any ideas? Things to see if none of us have ever been? Casinos, drinkin, etc are all good. Anything else random is good too.
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Well If you like driving and you've never been there, you could keep going to Philly for a Cheesesteak. See for yourself, who's better, Gino's or Pat's King of Steak. But definitely get cheese whiz on it. I get a "whiz witout" and my wife gets a "whiz wit". I don't even know if their really THAT great but how can you not enjoy that unique american experience. Unless you don't eat meat and don't like ultra-processed cheese food. In that case you can ask a native Phillian to say "comb" and have a good laugh.
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I wholeheartedly recommend visiting White House Sub Shop.
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You must do these three things:

1) Go to Dino's for a cheesesteak. Better than any in the world.
2) Go to Casel's for cinnamon buns. These are the real thing, done right and decades before the buns you find in your local mall.

And if you want to see some weird america, visit Lucy the elephant. On preview: White house is a good idea, but not as good as Dino's.
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opps...two things.
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There's a "Ripley's Believe it or not" museum on the boardwalk. And Ceasar's just renovated the Mall at Pier 1. Its very expensive but there are new restaurants and unique shops in it.

P.S. to highonfire: Jim's Steaks on South Street for the win. :-) End of answer hijack.
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Go to the Borgata. Every other casino sucks in comparison. The Pier at Caesars is cool shops and an Apple store if that's your kind of thing, but it's on the other side of town. If you transfer casinos, make sure you get a transfer receipt to park free at any other casino in town. Make sure you get a player's card wherever you gamble. Have fun.
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If you're looking to do it on the cheap, there used to be a bus that left from Chinatown subsidised by one of the casinos. I last took it about 5 years ago, but it may still run. It cost about $20 or so, but you got the same value in vouchers for whichever casino it was that ran it.
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- Check out the outlets (if you're into shopping).
- Check out what used to be Ocean One. They've complete revamped the pier mall and it now has pricey, fancy stores normal people could never afford to shop in. Still, it has a fantastic music show fountain in the back and the view facing the ocean is gorgeous.
- There is a Ripley's as mentioned above.
- Near the Showboat end of the boardwalk, there is a pier with a ton of claw machines and some random arcade games. I spent much of my childhood there.
- As mentioned above also, Borgata is the newest and best casino but it's a little ways off from the rest of the action (boardwalk). If you don't have a car, take the JITNEYs- these tiny little rickety local bus-vans that will only cost a few bucks each.
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