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Year-Off-Filter: I'm taking some time off from work and school obligations to travel and just live a bit. I have questions about volunteering abroad (like today's Nepalese school thread) and maybe even in the United States. Has anyone done something like this? I'm also looking into WWOOFing. Anybody have experiences with this org? Please chime in with suggestions, advice, stories, or cautionary tales. [MI]

I'm looking to do one or two stints of a few months (3?) each. This will bookend some round-the-world travel that I'm planning. General questions:

Where should I go? (countries, regions, states)

I'm pretty social. I don't have any formal teaching experience, but I'd be willing (and probably pretty good at) teaching kids and adults. Would farming get too boring for me? I'm in ok shape so that part will be OK. But should I look for teaching jobs or farming jobs. There are teaching jobs in Asia that pay ok, but I hear that they are McTeaching jobs without much satsifaction.

I have this general sense that organic farmers are interesting people. Are they? I don't know any. I'm interested in expanding my horizons, but I'd like to know what I'm getting into first.

Specific WWOOF questions:

1. Anybody have experience joining WWOOF, or a country-wide organization?

2. Are the descriptions of farms on the site accurate? Are the farms "as advertised?" The site doesn't make them out to be fantasitc, but I'm sure that if allowed, a farmer might leave out the worst aspects of his region, farm, etc.

3. Anybody worked or lived in Hawaii? I've been for a few weeks and loved it. I'd be happy to trade 30 to 40 hours per week farming to have a couple of days of surfing.
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I had a good friend who did this, and while I don't know the specifics of the situtation, I remember that he found WWOOFing to be a pretty positive good way to learn more about the areas he was staying at. Feel free to email him to get more details.
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I also had a friend, a long time ago, so can't contact her now and don't have any more details, who WWOOFed and had a good time; sorry I can't be more specific.
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I've looked into this myself - I used to live in Hawaii, and picked protea for spending money as a child. Just recently I was looking into WWOOF opportunities so that I could go back to the island for an extended stay, meet likeminded people, learn more about organic farming, etc.

There are several websites created by former WWOOFers that are almost universally positive - in addition, word spreads quickly when a placement goes south. I'm sorry I don't have actual experience to offer.
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