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I want to reduce reliance on my hat as my comb. How should I? I have thin indian hair (I think its thin) which poofs out like a fro, unless I put on a hat immediately after showering and drying. Typically I have a pretty close hair cut, but the receding hair line is making me rethink this, and I'm trying to grow it out slightly. Has anyone experienced this? I'd rather not have to use stuff in my hair every day, but I appreciate any advice!
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BTW I think close cuts are better for receding hair.

I'd recommend patting dry with a towel and then lightly combing while still damp, plus a good conditioner.
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The less hair you have, the shorter it should be. This is an immutable law, equally applicable to men and women.
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Aw! I had a boyfriend who did the same thing with the hat system. I think that using "stuff" is really unavoidable (and maybe, if you aren't a stuff user, you don't know yet that the right product isn't going to make your hair greasy or stiff or whatever horrors you're imagining).
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I know I'll regret admitting this. I have hair which poofs out like a fro... if I wash it.

Instead of using product, I just go weeks without washing my hair with shampoo - using only water. The natural oils (e.g. grease) keep it under control.
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Seconding the not-washing technique. My hair's poofy, so I only wash it once every couple of weeks. And I think I could go even longer than that if I really wanted. My hair doesn't smell (I've asked close friends and significant others). Even after working out, all that's needed is a good rinse.
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I tried the washing without shampoo thing and it does work quite well. My wife complained of the sheeplike smell after about three weeks.
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If your hair's volume doesn't increase when you put on a hat immediately after showering and drying, I think that your hair is poofing because of humidity. Maybe you could try a leave-in treatment like Infusium 23? My hair turns into a crazy poofy mess in humid weather, but is way better when I use stuff like that. The downside is that, contrary to your wishes, you will have to put it in after you shower every day, but it's not that big of a deal.
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I don't really know what "thin Indian hair" means, but if you're looking to de-pouf, a good product would be a styling creme, something that doesn't get stiff or gross. I'd recommend "Secret Weapon" by John Frieda, from the "Frizz-Ease" line. It's available cheaply in drugstores and so forth in the US and Canada and probably elsewhere. (Not sure where you are.) Anyway, it's just a cream and the scent is very mild and non-girly. Put a little drop in your palm and rub your hands together to spread it around, then smooth it down over your dry hair. The good thing about this stuff is you can use a bit and if it's not enough, just use a bit more. It will just weigh your hair down a bit and make it a bit more shiny. Give it a try.
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Response by poster: haha moxiedoll.. actually I just don't want to look like I'm trying too hard.... I'll try any product that looks 'natural'? Any ideas.

Actually before I found the hat circa 1998 I found that the day after not showering, my hair looked best, but then I found the hat method, which seemed cleaner.

Here's a pic of me with fairly short hair and after the hat-comb (any probably several beers).

I just took this pic of a close up of my head after a shower. And this a side shot. If anyone's interested, I've also took a pic of the hat I've used for the last 6.5 years (I wear it outside possibly twice a month).
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I know you don't want a product, but I have the same kind of problem (I have very thick hair and it grows at an alarmingly fast rate, so it gets pretty poofy when it's longer) and what solved it for me was a simple leave-in conditioner.
I usually use it right after a shower. I don't need gel or hairspray or anything else, just a quarter-sized dab of leave-in conditioner.
I use this stuff by Fructis, but not the "curl and shine" variety (there are several kinds).
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I have the same problem, thick wiry hair that poofs. It just gets...big. People kill for volume, but I've got too much of it.

I have to use hair goop. Lately some sort of cream or pomade, I'm not picky. I'd prefer nothing, but it gets scary if I don't do anything. A good stylist can explain differences in products, or you can experiment on your own. There's a surprising number of different products that have varying amounts of shine, texture, etc.
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Honestly, dude... not what you want to hear, but growing out your hair because it's thinning only looks like you're growing out your hair because it's thinning. It doesn't really hide it, it just calls more attention to what you'd prefer people don't notice. If you crop it close and act like you don't give a damn that it's thinning people won't think anything of it. People notice when you go through hoops to hide it.

That being said, my ex husband had hair very much like yours. He would use a soft-bristle brush after showering, and something like Murray's pomade. Which isn't really a good starting point for no product as it's a major product, but it's something to keep in mind. His dad, who had similar hair, slicked his back with basic gel (whatever was cheapest), and his hair always looked good, too.
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I'm with the people above who suggested not washing as often. My hair turns into a gigantic poofy mess when I wash it, and only slightly less so when I use a very heavy conditioner. I now wash it every 3-4 days, and when I do, I use just the tiniest bit of shampoo and rinse it out almost immediately.
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You could buy softwax. It's a gooey hair wax. You just take a bit and rub it through your hair. It basically lasts till you wash it out -- sort of anyway.

I'd also second not washing your hair as often, or at the very least not shampooing as often.
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Also, I totally do this, but when my hair is long. Growing it out isn't going to help matters at all. I'd say having longer hair will just make things worse.
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i have thin indian hair too and it feathers at the drop of the hat. Sadly, I was born years too late for this awesome look to be in style. I wash my long flowing mane about 2 times a week because it turns into stringy and greasy nerd hair if it doesn't see water and soap every few days. Usually it's at its best one day after shampoo & conditioner. You can shortcut this by using a little product (seriously, a LITTLE -- a DAB will do you.. A DAB).

usually my hair is at its most manageable when I have a haircut that accommodates my hair's tendency to feather (and the other little things that stylists can do to adjust for the way your hair 'lays').

if you are getting your hair chopped at SuperCuts you should try out a salon recommended by a friend (or, even better, a friend in beauty school -- IME they will spend much more time on your hair and get it better than a stranger).

if you are not using a separate conditioner, start. Shampoo alone will dry out your hair and make it poof more. the other option is to just wash with soap instead of shampoo and maybe use a leave-in conditioner post shower.
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I have thick, poufy hair as well, and I've been using hair product for years. I never liked how everything made my hair look too shiny and glued, and the missus hated my hair being sticky, but I put up with it so as not to make my head look enormous.

A couple of months ago, I was out of town when I realized I had forgotten to bring some goop for my hair. So, I looked in the missus' bag of stuff, and decided to try some... moisturizer lotion. And you know what? It's been the best thing I've used ever since. Keeps the poofy down, doesn't look too shiny/stiff/greasy, and my hair stays soft. Some types will stiffen up slightly, but I just run my fingers through my hair, and it "breaks up" the spikes, while keeping its shape (unlike something like gel).

I guess it's the same thing as leave-in conditioner, but a lot cheaper. Try it for a day, you probably have some lying around the house anyway.
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