Yes, And I Want A Pony, Too
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What's the origin of "how does it feel to want?" in response to somebody expressing a desire?

I've been using this expression forever, and my coworker asked me today what it was from, and I couldn't tell him. As nearly as I can tell, I heard it somewhere, but Googling isn't doing me much good. It doesn't seem to be a quote from a movie, for what that's worth, although I'm dead certain it's been used in movies.

The exchange usually goes something like:

Person A: "I want you to dress up like a monkey and sing show tunes."
Person B: "Yeah, how does it feel to want?"

The request is usually something improbable or unlikely, or something that Person B is well-known as being against. Person B usually responds in a snarky manner.
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Best answer: Hmm, I usually say "Get used to dissappointment." in my best Cary Elwes.

But for this, the interwebs are telling me that a radio show character by the name of Duane Ingalls Glasscock started it.
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That's so interesting. My dad used to (annoyingly) say this to me all the time. I thought it was in general usage - this radio persona is an odd source. Wonder where he heard him?
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That's funny. I always heard this as "It's good to want things," or something like that.
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I seem to recall Stewie Griffin from Family Guy saying this at some point. But Google is turning up blank (or myspace, which is just as bad). Also, you seem to be suggesting an older genesis of this phrase.
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