Help me figure out these movies from the 80's that haunt me!
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MovieFilter: Help me identify these two 80's movies that haunt my memory.

The problem is I only vaguely remember one scene from each movie, but maybe some of you movie experts can help clear this up:

Movie #1: A man and a woman struggling in some sort of a red/orange bubbly water in a cave or cavern. Perhaps there was even something in this watery goo trying to attack them.

Move #2: I just remember a group of talking dolls in a basement. Not sure if this was a horror movie or not?
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Movie #1: Was it The Abyss?
posted by kitty teeth at 8:04 PM on February 11, 2008

Best answer: For #2, creepy talking dolls are kind of common in horror films, but the Puppet Master series is one obvious possibility.
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for #2 - possibly Tourist Trap?

(its 1979, tho)
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Were these films definitely from the 80s, or did you watch them during the 80s (while perhaps they were from a previous decade?).
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Oh sweet Jeezus, I can't watch Tourist Trap....YIPES!
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For #1: Joe vs. the Volcano?
#2: Obvious guess....Puppetmaster?
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Gah...should've previewed.
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Was #1 "The Stuff"?
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This is way out there, but it was just on TV the other night and fits the description for #2 -- "The Garbage Pail Kids Movie".

If I ever mention that movie again on this site, please flag my post for deletion. Ugh.
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#1 - Ghostbusters II? Features a river of psycho-active slime under NYC. Not sure of the color, though. I just rememer one funny scene where Dan Ackroyd is yelling at the stuff and it reacts to his anger.

#2 sounds like one of the Puppet Master flicks, as mentioned.
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#1 could be The Blob, perhaps?
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#2 is likely Dolls, a 1987 horror film about, well...dolls. This movie was once 'accidentally' put back into the case of the Care Bears Movie. Young SassHat was never the same after that.
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