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Which country, and preferably area, in Southeast Asia is best to get tailored clothing? As in, "Here is a picture from a movie. Please make the suit therein and charge me a very low price."

A buddy of mine has mentioned Vietnam. Also, feel free to include web links.
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I believe Hoi An, Vietnam is the place to get this done.
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Bangkok has excellent tailors. They are not particularly cheap, though. (At least not compared to Africa, which is my other main experience with custom tailoring.)

I used Embassy Fashion. They did a better job in men's clothing than on women's though.
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I second Hoi An, Vietnam. Dozens and dozens of tailors within a couple of hundred metres of one another. Competition keeps prices down. Bangkok if you want quality.
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I have visited Bangkok, Hanoi and Hoi An, I also recommend Hoi An, in particular the tailor "Thu Thuy" at 60 Le Loi. I had well tailored lined suits (jackets, pants, skirts) and fitted blouses made. They had an expansive selection of summer (cotton, linen) and winter (cotton wool blend) fabrics. The tailors can make any design, even from a picture. Prices were very reasonable, i.e. 6-8 USD for fitted blouse in top of the line cotton stretch fabric.
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I also came in here to suggest Hoi An or Bangkok. Hot An is a town of tailors. And besides, it's got great food and scenery to boot.
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I have had good cheap suits made in Thailand, and they will happily make from a picture. Phuket and Bangkok, although I have heard Vietnam is cheaper.
$100-$150USD in Thailand got you the basics. More for fancier cloth.
I also know of tailors who visit 1st world cities monthly to measure and fit, then get the folks back in asia to do the work.
The price I heard for this was about $300 a suit, but the guy I was talking to had three made, so that should be considered.
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