Is there a website that has graphs of stock price in non-quoted currency
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Is there a finance website that can plot historical and current graphs of a stock price in a currency other than that of its local exchange, e.g. the stock price of IBM in USD multiplied by the (moving, not current!) EUR:USD exchange rate? If this is easy to do on Google or Yahoo Finance then I'm obviously missing something!
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I've never seen a public site myself, but I've got access to a DataStream terminal which definitely can do this. In fact, it's a common error to download a time series in the wrong base currency.

By your profile I see you're at Oxford and apparently still in study. Have you checked with your college's library?
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I think a Bloomberg terminal can do this, although I have never tried it myself.
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Yeh, a Bloomberg terminal can definitely do this. Most universities these days have "Bloomberg rooms", with several terminals available. If you can't get time on one or can't get access at all then I believe UK libraries will allow folks to enter as a guest (at least I can do this at several London Unis, never tried at Oxford or Cambridge).

Not sure about Google, but a word of warning on Yahoo - sometimes their data is screwy so if you're doing anything serious its best to use a second source to verify. A visual inspection of both series should suffice to indentify anomalous data points (of course then you'll need a third source to confirm one of the other two, but that's just how this stuff works).

I've seen their parametric information way off, which isn't too surprising but sometimes even the underlying time series will be messy, which is surprising as we're talking exchange traded instruments.
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