Website, what are you made of?
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[What's that website filter] What's the website that let's you plug in a URL, and then it tells you what software the site is using? (Ex: site is using Wordpress, Javascript, PHP, RoR, etc.)?

Arg. I know this is going to get answered in 3 seconds, and I've seen it before, I just can't seem to find it. anywhere.
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Netcraft can tell you the operating system and web server, but I don't know if it can also give you the details you list in your example.
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GRC has a freeware standalone application that will tell you this, and more.
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Is it
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Outside of what you get in the headers (I use the Live HTTP Headers for this) there's nothing in a response that will necessarily indicate the technology supplying the backend logic.

Generally you can get the wesbserver and OS but even those can be hidden.
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It probably was builtwith; it was featured on Metafilter last year.
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yes, it was builtwith! You sir, are awesome.
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