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Help me be a better dad...Recommend some Korean or (better yet) Korean/English children shows?

So, I would like to get my 5yr old son some more exposure to his history. Problem is, Im nowhere near my family, and frankly, I don't even remember enough Korean to hold a conversation with a 4 yr old.

Watching Diego the other night with my son, (and that new Chinese-themed show as well) it occurred to me that he'd be more open to his Korean side, if it came in a nice cartoon/child friendly package... I've searched, but can't seem to find anything that is appropriate for a 5yr old.. so I ask the green..

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So you're looking for something like Go, Diego Go or that Ni Hao Kai-lan show, but Korean? I don't know of any Nick Jr. or broadcast show for that matter that has a bilingual cultural bent like that in Korean. You neglect to say where you're from. I'm assuming you're in the States because you're naming Nick Jr. shows, but are you somewhere with a large Korean community? Do they have a dedicated television channel (cable)? You can check that avenue to see if they have some local or home-grown show for kids, or if they show kids' shows from Korea.

If they don't have anything like that, you need to get the Korean equivalent of Sesame Street, like the long-running MBC kids' show "Popopo" or the KBS flavor of "TV Kindergarten: Hana Deul Set." Mind you I haven't seen these shows since I was a wee one myself, but they had more cultural things in it, like when it was Lunar New Year they'd do Lunar New Year themed things, help kids learn to count, etc., but I can't think of a Korean show as well that does the "hey hey, this is Korean!" for kids like Dora, Diego or Kai-lan. Can you get cartoon videos? When I was a kid they had two cartoon series on TV that were about Korean folktales. One was "Eunbi Kkabi" with a kiddy version of a Korean ogre unwillingly accompanying a kiddy version of a heavenly maiden in her cloud car running into different folktales. The other was "Long long time ago with Baechu dosa and Muu dosa," that had similar buddy-style narrators, but in the form of two thinly-veiled vegetable versions of "old men of the mountain."

How about Pororo? It seems like the Korean equivalent to The Backyardigans or something.

There was/is a show about an animal/creature/thing that farted (Bang Gui Dae Jang Ppung Ppung E)...but I don't know if that's what you're looking for. Anyway, I heard that little kids love it. I remember watching a pretty interesting documentary about the woman who wears the Ppung Ppung E costume, but that's neither here nor there.

But basically, I think you're going to have to go find some Korean shows (either video/dvds from the Korean video shops in your Korean community, or order them online).
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There was/is a show about an animal/creature/thing that farted (Bang Gui Dae Jang Ppung Ppung E)...

Omg, that's *exactly* what I was talking about in this thread! My kids really loved it (and they don't speak a word of Korean). Seriously, a friend gave us some bootleg tape of 3 hours of the show, and it was on constant play at our house for pretty much the whole year my daughter was 3.
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Sorry - I was probably a bit unclear... I know there is nothing local in the states, and was looking for ideas on what videos to purchase.. you gave a few ideas Thanks!!!
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