The hidden haberdashery of secretly tall pants.
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I am 6'7 and bought a pair of brown Wranglers that were 34 inches long, but they fit. They fell apart in the wash. Please recommend pants that run long, i.e. they may say they're 34" but I can get away with wearing them.

I am tired of being a freak and want to buy affordable pants like everyone else. I have a 40" waist. Links to ebay appreciated. Khakis or work pants would be ideal. Even black jeans. I just can't bring myself to spend $65 for bugly "Big and Tall" pants that don't hold up that well.
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Lucky Brand Jeans come in 35" and 37" lengths and are contemporary cuts. You just missed their half yearly sale (2x a year) where a large selection was marked down by 50% (end price $45-$52). You can generally find them marked down to about the same price at discount stores like Nordstrom Rack.
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So, you want pants which claim to have a 34" inseam, but actually have a longer one? Why not just buy longer pants?

Carhartt (I have no relationship with those guys other than 'satisfied customer') work pants come in 40x34, 40x36 and 40x38.
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Also carries tall size khakis that go beyond 36" inseam to unhemmed lengths. Banana Republic has 36" pants as well.
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Yeah, just buy 36" inseam.
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Old Slavy has tall sizes (well, 36") for most of its pants, jeans, khakis and cords easily ordered off its Web site.

Though they don't last very long, they're cheap and stylishly cut (as in not Docker's old man style), and I swear by 'em.
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Buy online. Lands' End jeans are decent if not super-stylish and their custom hemmed jeans come in 40" waist, 38" inseam with a long-rise waist. That has to be big enough, even for you!
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Oh and they're $35 which I think is reasonable.
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Get them made to measure, for about the same price as Wranglers.
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2nding essexjan - the Levi's store in SF will take your measurements and have a pair of jeans made just for you. I imagine other Levi's stores offer this service too. It's more expensive than buying off the shelf, of course.
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Sorry, the reason for 40 x 34 is that they are ubiquitous and cheap. the Wranglers were $25 bucks. I will check out these options and report back, thanks.
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