What gear should I buy for a home office?
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What technology gear makes for a good home office?

My employer provides a technology allowance for making home-office related purchases. It can be applied to a broad range of tech gear, including computers, networking equipment, printers, or any other technology items that reasonably can be tied to working from home. It cannot be used for non-technology items such as desks, chairs, etc.

Aside from a computer, what technology items do you find most useful for a home office? So far the things we are considering include a laser printer, upgraded wireless networking equipment, and a paper shredder. Anything else worth putting on the list? Assume a total budget of around $1,000 to $1,500.
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Big monitor, high quality headset, decent speakerphone.
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Dual monitors and a good chair. These are your most important buys.
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I would strongly recommend an external storage device with some sort of redundancy, although that might blow through most of that $1500 (or more) if you're not careful. In my own home office, I have a Linksys NSLU2 "slug" which cost me $80, and two external USB HDDs that cost maybe $180 apiece. That's definitely on the cheap end, but it's reliable enough.

If you have multiple computers, a KVM switch is very useful.

As for a printer, I'd recommend either a separate scanner in addition to that printer, or a multifunction device that scans and prints.

If you don't already have a computer that supports dual displays, the Matrox Dualhead2Go is pretty neat. Multiple monitors is very nice.
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Noise-cancelling headphones! These are a godsend for concentration. They shut out fan noise, cars on the street, etc. etc.
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Would you find yourself marking up papers by hand and sending them back to the office? If so, either a multi-function printer or a scanner (probably want a sheet feed) would be useful. Admittedly you can get by without this.

Don't forget software, which might include whatever core productivity apps you use, maintenance utilities, and apps that help you work better (if you're one of those GTD people, there's a zillion apps to support that habit).
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Definitely a decently-sized (1000-1500 KVA) UPS, with a provision for new batteries every few years. Also consider a secondary, redundant Internet connection - it's probably $20-$30 a month for low-speed DSL, and an outage at the wrong time could cost many times that.
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Back when my boyfriend worked from home the things he found most useful were: good headset for working while talking on the phone, KVM switch so he could keep his home computer separate from his work one, decent printer, a filing cabinet, and an ADSL router so all our computers could share the broadband (work also paid for the internet connection).
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I work from home full time for my employer, which has a similar setup budget (except mine pays for office furniture too).

I already have a lot of gear (since I'm a geek and a pack rat), but the most important bits were a good monitor, a good chair, a UPS, separate phone line, cordless phone with headset, multifunction printer (fax/scanner), high-capacity external USB 2.0 drive for backups, a filing cabinet and a thumping great whiteboard (ie external brain storage).
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a scanner?
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If you don't already have a computer that supports dual displays, the Matrox Dualhead2Go is pretty neat. Multiple monitors is very nice.
If you're buying extra hardware to support multiple monitors, might as well jump straight to the TripleHead2Go. I'm using one right now.
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A digital camera is a must for me. I also like my all in one printer-copy-fax-scan machine. Obviously, not everyone needs these.

If you have a laptop, wireless networking equipment.
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It sounds mundane, but if you ever have to move large files around the house, having gigabit Ethernet will make you moan in ecstasy. You will probably need new NICs and router/switch.

Dual monitors, too. If you do any kind of graphic design work, I favor the NEC LCD2490wuxi.
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external hard drive for backup
printer/scanner combo (fax if necessary, but i prefer e-faxing)
thumb drive for moving stuff you work on at home to work and vice versa.
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