Anybody drink Dimebag's beer?
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Years ago I read a Guitar World column written by Diamond (later Dimebag) Darrell. If memory serves, in one column he offered to mail a six pack of beer to anyone who learned some riff he notated. Does anyone know of a recipient of Dimebag's beer?

It's been a while, but I think I have the details right. In the column he said learn the riff, record yourself playing it, mail him the tape, and he'll mail you some beer. The next month's column he was complaining that no one sent him any tapes, and said he was very serious about the beer thing. Sadly, I never sent in a tape.

Apparently his columns were compiled in a book. Can someone confirm that I got the story right? Was it him at all? Did anybody here receive a sixpack of Dimebag's beverage of choice?
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According to Wikipedia, his columns (all of them, I guess?) have been compiled into a
book. Maybe you can get that and read the columns that proceeded the ones you've read to see if anyone claimed the beer.

I'd love to know if anyone did. I'd like to see the riff, too. Any idea if it was from a Pantera song?
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Can you send beer through the mail?
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I'm really bummed this question didn't get answered....
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