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Hayden Panettiere will be attending a local SciFi expo thing. Where I live doesn't get many of these, so I'll definitely be going. I'd like to find something unusual for her to sign, assuming she'll be signing stuff. Has anyone got any suggestions?

Obviously, I'd prefer that it be related to her. Basically I'm asking for info about unusual (or particularly stylish) products that bear her name or likeness.
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Best answer: Love the title. Not necessarily a product suggestion, but you might get a reaction by getting her to sign something that has to do with saving the whales. Maybe a toy or figurine or poster of a whale, or even a photo of her holding a "Save the Whales" sign...
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Cheerleader uniform? (red and white)
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Best answer: A model of dot from 'A Bug's Life'.
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A copy of Moby Dick?
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Whale oil lamp?
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Kangaroo scrotum pouche?
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A surfboard
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A picture of Chris Hanson.
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If you could get your hands on a Titans helmet from the TC Williams HS Football team, that might be neat.
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A $20 bill that represents the $20 you paid to get in her autograph line?
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Best answer: Copy of Kingdom Hearts
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Have her autograph the "Notes" field of a check you are writing to the nearest Childrens Hospital (or similar donation.) The amount doesnt matter, just tell her you'd like to make a "healing gift" in her name. :)
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Have her sign a bucket of amputated toes. Fake amputated toes. not real ones.
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Best answer: A program from the Hayden Planetarium.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the (serious) suggestions. Yes, SPrintF I had thought of the planetarium, though I'm not sure how I'd get hold of a program from there. (I almost bought a first day cover stamp thing with their name on from eBay...)

I'll probably check out the local Disney store for Dot merch and if they don't have anything cool I'll get a "Save the Whales, Again" white T-shirt. Anyone know a good pen with which to write on clothing?
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A standard black Sharpie works well on clothing.
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Or, if you want to be able to wash it without the autograph fading, fabric paint pens are available at Michael's, Jo-Ann's, and Hobby Lobby.
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