French phrase for celery, carrot, onion soup base?
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Martha Stewart prepared a soup base using only carrots, celery and onion and then she said there was a French phrase for this method but I couldn't catch it.
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Best answer: It's called a mirepoix.
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You can use the mirepoix as sort of a base when you're cooking a pot roast as well, it just refers to the chopped up veggies not the soup/stock itself.
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I always find making mirepoix a pain in the ass because I never have celery and I hate running out to get it (and not needing the whole bunch they're sold in). So I've started making a giant batch or batches, using enough for one soup recipe and freezing the rest. I'm sure purists might be horrified but I've been happy using the frozen portions. Sorry for the random aside.
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A culinary preparation created in the 18th century by the cook of the Duc de Levis-Mirepoix, a French field marshal and ambassador of Louis XV... Mirepoix was an incompetent and mediocre individual', writes Pierre Larousse at the end of the 19th century, who owed his vast fortune to the affection Louis XV felt toward his wife'. This same author informs us that the unfortunate Mirepoix had one claim to fame: he gave his name to a sauce made of all kinds of meat and a variety of seasonings'...

More about the history of Mirepoix.
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Peep's frozen mirepoix is an excellent idea ... my mother did the same thing for years. For extra fine easyness do it in the chopping attachment of a stab mixer ... with parsley.
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I know it as the Italian soffrito.
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They now sell the mixture in the frozen section. It's not ideal but in a pinch it's pretty neat. It's a good time saver when you don't feel like chopping up all those veggies yourself.
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you can buy pre-made mirepoix at trader joe's.
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and many other grocery stores, for that matter -- in the salad section.
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I never have celery and I hate running out to get it

Celery lasts a loooooong time if you store it in your fridge's vegetable drawer in one of these veggie bags. Cook more jambalayas.

Really, there's frozen mirepoix? Huh.
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I've seen premade mirepoix at Wegman's, too. I haven't seen it frozen, though.

My sister's mother-in-law is French, and the soup she makes using mirepoix as base is transcendental.
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