Alma mater uses the tune of O'Canada as their anthem?
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Which American university (not liberal arts, i.e. Colby) Alma mater uses the tune of O'Canada as their anthem?
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Best answer: "The alma mater at Colby College in Waterville, Maine is "Hail, Colby, Hail" and is sung to the tune of "O Canada"." (from wikipedia).
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wearyaswater, the asker specifically excluded Colby.
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Hmm... not American, but youtube says the Ateneo de Manila University Hymn is almost the same as "Oh Canada".
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Yes, I'm an Ateneo alumnus and I can confirm that the [late] composer ripped the melody straight from O Canada. No idea why. Not a US university though.
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Perhaps Michigan?
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Florida State baseball fans "Animals of Section B" sing O Canada at home games. Probably not the data point you're looking for, though.
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Internet evidence notwithstanding, Michigan's alma mater is The Yellow and Blue, and judging from this sheet music (pdf), it's nothing like "O Canada". In related news, Michigan's state song is Michigan my Michigan, and that sounds freakishly like "Oh Christmas Tree" but nothing like "O Canada".
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It's definitely not Michigan - neither the fight song (The Victors) nor the alma mater (The Yellow and Blue) sound anything like O Canada. Neither do any of the many other University of Michigan songs I know.

(By the way, book, I was in the MMB during the Rice-Michigan game linked above but I had forgotten about the "O Canada" joke they did - thanks for the reminder!)
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my bad, that will teach me to post before I've had a cup of coffee.
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