Not just for wardriving, I promise.
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Should I buy a quicky?

There's one going for $139 buy now on ebay and I'm wondering if any mac laptop users feel it's worth it for boosting wireless reception? also how is the battery drain factor?
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I have no experience with this particular booster antenna, but just a quick note on one of its claims:

That means you can not only see more wireless networks, but when you decide to connect, you'll also get high speeds that make wireless networking as solid as being connected using a network cable.

By FCC mandate, probably because of transmitter design and crosstalk, the more spectrum you need simultaneously, the lower the power you're allowed to transmit it at. Essentially, higher bandwidth gets less EIRP allowance.

If I recall correctly, you should expect 20mW at 54Mbps (802.11a), 40mW to be the maximum you can find at 36Mbps (802.11g), 50mW at 24Mbps (also 802.11g), 100mW at 11Mbps (802.11b). Essentially, the higher the power, the slower the expected connection.
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The FCC wouldn't have jurisdiction in this case, however. Even so, if you were using it for broadband access points you'd likely not get more than 10Mbps max and, in that light, 100mw compared to the mac's 40 seems a rather large improvement. (Have never used one of these particular units)
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But can it do packet injection ;)
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I think this is a specialized enough device that you're unlikely to find many owners here. I'd look for user reviews elsewhere (which in that link don't seem very positive).
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