Homeless in Florida
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Temporary emergency housing in Stuart, Fl.?

A very good friend has found himself in the awful position of being evicted tomorrow. The reasons are long and varied, some his fault, some not. Regardless, he needs a place to stay ASAP. He is a wonderful person with a teaching post at a very established institution. He's just had a run of bad luck. Any ideas what someone in this situation should do? Resources? Etc.? Any help is VERY much appreciated.
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Best answer: i'm assuming he has been given, and used up, his notice? i don't think it's legal for a landlord to boot anyone in one day in any state, is it?
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Response by poster: Yes, he had his notice, he just didn't realize it was notice. It came in a letter with a woman's name as return address and he thought it was junk mail. Missed the court date, etc. Basically, he's got to get out and has no family or friends he can call upon in the area.
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Response by poster: He's kind of the absent minded, artsy type and things like rent and court dates and eviction notices just don't ping his radar till it is too late. Now he's terrified.
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Okay, sorry, but that is total crap. I worked as an apartment manager for several years and that notice gets handed to the tenant; taped to the door; mailed certified; process server shows up to serve papers; then, sheriff. There is absolutely no way in hell anyone would not realize they are getting the boot...not to mention the fact that, uh, he never paid the rent. Before all that paperwork got a-flyin', there where multiple opportunities to bring his account up to speed by paying. Your friend needs to arrange for storage of his belongings now because the sheriff will be there tomorrow and most likely the apartment management with a locksmith to change the locks.
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Response by poster: He had a court date in December, paid everything and thought it was over. They didn't tell him at the time that he had to come back for another date last week. He got the notice of the second date in the mail but that is what he thought was junk mail so he never opened it or realized he had to go again. Yesterday, the eviction was on his door and the office can do nothing about it. I realize that he is at fault here. He does too. But my question was about emergency resources, what to do in this situation. I appreciate your experiences with the process of evictions but please don't comment or judge if you can't be helpful in this scary situation.
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Best answer: I was being helpful. He needs to store his belongings because the Sheriff will give him absolutely no leeway.
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Response by poster: Ok, thank you. I believe he's doing that now.
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Best answer: [Martin County] Health and Human Services has a limited number of homeless prevention grants, which will assist qualified residents with rent and utilities. Grant eligibility criteria vary. For more information please call: 772-288-5786.

? Might be worth a shot. Does he have any financial resources at all?
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Response by poster: He has a job and a good income. Just can't manage it. Good suggestion but probably won't qualify. Thank you though..
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Best answer: Sorry if this is overly obvious, but if he's got money, or at least access to money, can he not get a hotel room for a couple of nights? Or even a week? It will tide him over until he's found a non-temporary place to live. There must be one of those Executive Suites kinds of places not too far away - they usually rent weekly, and have a small kitchenette so he wouldn't have to eat out the whole time.
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Best answer: If he's not qualified for services to the homeless, then he's pretty much on his own. Stuart's in a somewhat urban area - can he get a flophouse-style hotel room until he finds another apartment? Does he have a credit card?
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Best answer: Hmmm. Think he could afford to stay at here for a while until he sorts things out? Looks like he could get a room with a kitchen for $54.28 a night.
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Response by poster: I think the cheap hotel will be his best option until he gets this worked out. We are all just a little freaked out and trying to assist from 10 hours away and knowing nothing about the area. Thanks everyone for their time and suggestions. I'll pass them along.
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Best answer: Google youth hostels : he needs a place to lay his head. Assuming he has car etc.

Fort lauderdale's nearby: lots of hostels 20-$45 per night


Are two after a couple of minutes googling.

If he has a celphone+laptop w/wireless and needs to search away from home, then he should drive to a coffee shop (or other place with free internet)and do his business from there.
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Best answer: Fort Lauderdale is not in any way nearby.

There are a million cheap little beach hotels along the intracoastal waterway in Jensen Beach or U.S. 1 in Stuart; if he can get by without a kitchen, they'd likely be a more economical choice than the extended stay hotel, but not, you know, swank.
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To be more specific, Indian River Drive in Jensen Beach.
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I've been hotellng it for over a year, in a resort area (long story). Off-season, I've been paying about $30/day via priceline. During the season, $60 at most. February in a resort area with the temp at 72 Fahrenheit, there should be plenty of vacancies, he should be able to find something.
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